Personal Stories

The Night I Learned about the Mandela Effect

It was very late one night in the summer of 2016, I was at home browsing random Facebook posts and YouTube videos, a bad habit when there’s nothing of interest to do, when I came upon a post that said something like, “Is it Berenstein or Berenstain Bears? Is it a Mandela Effect?”. I had no idea what the Mandela Effect was or if this post was a hoax. I laughed and said to myself “Berenstein, duh”, but I was curious so I clicked and watched the video. That one decision, that night, that video, changed my entire world. I watched it to completion, and I sat there, in the dark, staring at my bright computer screen for a good long moment in disbelief of what I had seen. My body stiffened, my heart pounded heavily in my chest as the first thoughts I could put togethe...

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