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Will you see the Mr. Rogers documentary in theaters?

Will you see the Mr. Rogers documentary in theaters?

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

About the Movie | Limited Released June 2018

“Won’t you be my neighbor” is a documentary film based on the life of the iconic children’s television host, Fred Rogers.

The mandela effect related to Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood is concerning the show’s intro song. Ask most people to sing the song and you will most likely hear “it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood”. However, if you play clips of the intro now on YouTube you will hear “it’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood”. If you’re looking for residual evidence on this one you can find it almost anywhere. Most recently, Matthew Santoro, a popular youtube content creator known for his 50 Facts, and countdown style videos, posted a video on June 7, 2018 titled “10 Banned Episodes of TV Shows You’re Not Allowed to Watch!” featuring an episode mention the Mr. Roger’s neighborhood series.

Watch below, you won’t have to wait long, he starts @ 00:54

“. Right before he starts on the clip about a banned episode he sings the intro song the way most remember it.

Here’s how he sings it now…


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