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Mandela Effect: The Rise and Fall?

Mandela Effect: The Rise and Fall?

It started out as a means to connect with others. You’ve had these same thoughts at some point:

What is this Mandela Effect?
Are there others discussing it?
Why can’t I find anyone I know that can see what I see?
I feel lonely. I need to connect with someone, anyone…

We logged into our facebook, reddits, and youtube accounts and began searching, joining, and eventually participating in real discussions. It was wonderful, so many people that came together and agreed that something was happening. We could all agree that this Mandela Effect thing was 100% REAL. That was our commonality, that was the rock we stood on as a community. Reading posts about how others were having similar difficulties presenting these effects with the outside world made you feel instantly closer to the Mandela Effected few. We were apart of something bigger and out of this world! Some would say, finding this was the biggest thing that has ever happened to them. To many, it renewed an interest in finding out more about this planet we live on. To others, especially in the Christian community, it made one question everything you had been taught. For some, they got stronger in their faiths, and others slid farther away from it. No matter what, we all researched for residuals and presented them to each other, and we welcomed every small piece of evidence we could gather with open arms and mostly open minds.

And then, everything began to change, people divided into different belief camps. Now that we could agree on most of the changes, there arose disagreements on the “why” of it all. Different theories sprang up on various youtube channels like wildfire. Are you living in a simulated universe? Are we in another dimension? Are timelines shifting? Do we have the power to change our reality? Are these the end times? This rapid division was inevitable. As humans we want to find people we can connect with, and so we dropped out of certain groups, unsubscribed from channels and joined others. We regrouped and formed smaller camps of people that believed what we believed. With this, what was once a unified front, slowly started to fall away…

The Troll

What is the definition of a troll?  

1. Troll
  • a person who makes a deliberately offensive or provocative online post.

  • informal, a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting.

In the beginning of the Mandela Effect frenzy, trolls were easy to spot. We called them “the debunkers”. These people would take pleasure in attempting to convince you that you were “misremembering” a song you sang a hundred times, or that maybe you were confusing one thing with another. For example, they would say the monopoly guy was confused with Mr. Peanut or that you always sang a particular song wrong for no reason. You were strong, held your ground, you knew what you knew, period. These trolls would be kicked out with a vengeance. Then the articles across the web sprang up, “Top 10 Misquoted Movie Lines”, and similar. It was almost like a preemptive strike on the Mandela Effect. Various “journalists” attempted to convince people on the outside that small facts that were stored away in your minds over the years were in fact incorrect, by using light-hearted, and sometimes humorous, articles in animated gif format. This was only the beginning…


A few years later into the Mandela Effect, we have several youtube content creators that speak on the topic from widely varying angles. Some of the early creators have much larger audiences than others. The angles vary from describing it as “a great and wonderful thing that is happening!” we should embrace this “new world”. Others say it is terrible, your entire life is a lie, and we must find out what is happening. While others mainly compete amongst themselves for views. There are also the infamous “Home Alone” faced debunk videos (hands to the face, big eyes, open mouth, shock expressions). It stopped mattering whether or not a Mandela Effect was real, it was who could put out something first.

Blurred Lines

So where are we now? The major effects and most widely accepted changes seem to have slowed down quite a bit. This or people has learned how to cope and have stopped giving much attention to the phenomenon due to all of the conflict within the ranks. Is it possible the trolls have returned with more covert tactics? The end goal being to break us up and exhaust our interest in the discussion? There has been a rise in conflict within every forum and they are increasingly difficult to police. The definition of a troll is not as clear anymore. There are those that come in claiming to agree that a few effects are real, then they slam every other one that comes in. There are those that present false changes as bait and then laugh at how quickly people are gullible enough to jump on board. Debates rise, people get angry and leave groups, people shut down and stop participating all together. The glue that held us was that Mandela Effects were memories that we could all agree on, at least the vast majority, for example, famous books, movies, scriptures, songs, etc. We’re left now scratching and digging for smaller changes, feeling more and more isolated than ever. What’s going to happen to us? Are we going to come together again? Will it take another major Mandela Effect for that to happen or will we crumble and fade away…

What exactly is the bigger picture? Is this the beginning of the end? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

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The problem is there’s no way to know what is going on. I’ve tried looking at it from different angles and I still can’t nail down what I believe based on what I know to be true. My family isn’t talking to me about the mandela effect and the only way I have to talk about it is online.

The “Divide and conquer” tactic still works excellent. Since the raise of the AI bots, it has even become easier to divide the people online. Bots are more efficient than trolls – they never sleep, they never eat…

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