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The Mandela Effect is NOT Fake News

The Mandela Effect is NOT Fake News

There is a war raging against what is commonly referred to as “fake news”. If we aren’t vigilant, the Mandela Effect community may become a casualty.

The term “fake news” is thrown around lazily as a means to blanket and describe any news that goes against what mainstream media wants you to believe is the one true narrative. We are called “conspiracy theorists”, “crazy”, “delusional”, and so on. The peak of interest in the Mandela Effect rose almost simultaneously with the rise of interests in flat earth. Was it a coincidence? Was it orchestrated? Did we just decide to revisit the possibility of flat earth once we began to question the nature of our own existence?

Flat earth (which has long been considered a conspiracy theory by mainstream), false flag operation debates, 9/11 alternative theories, and similar hot button topics invited a tsunami of media angst and unrest on and offline. Facebook added fuel to the fire by knowingly allowing photoshopped, provocative posts to be mass-shared across its platforms, even from well-known national enquirer-style publications. Facebook openly admitted to purposefully manipulating the contents of newsfeeds to evoke and monitor emotional responses from it’s users. Innocent people were and are being wrongfully accused of crimes and hate speech simply because a photo was doctored with fake text written across it. Angry users then share and reshare these doctored posts hundreds of thousands of times over without doing any research into the story’s validity.

Now, the inevitable is happening…the Mandela Effect is getting caught up and blanked as a part of this so-called “fake news” problem. It is already being widely described as a conspiracy theory, a collective mis-remembering, a false belief, or a psyop operation. Perform any google search of the term “mandela effect” and the top featured articles will claim it is not real.
Mark Zuckerberg has recently come under fire for saying Holocaust deniers should be given a voice on Facebook. Zuckerberg is being strongly encouraged to create stronger filters and algorithisms in an effort to stop the spread of “fake news”. The following is a recent excerpt from on the Facebook issue:

“The original comments (by Zuckerberg), given in a wide-ranging interview with Recode, were made in response to questions about what Facebook was doing to combat fake news and sites, such as InfoWars, that promoted conspiracy theories. The social network has now said that it will begin removing ‘misinformation’ that could lead to people being physically harmed.“‘
Read full article at BBC News

YouTube (owned by Google) has already began the process of demontizing and/or striking and cancelling the accounts of youtube content creators that discuss conspiracy theories of all kinds. Just recently YouTube began placing “real news” stories above “fake news” stories in searches. “Authoritative sources” will be more prominently featured in search results. As of right now, as long as a video does not violate YouTube’s current Terms of Service it will not be taken down. However, it will be much harder to find. You can read more on that here.

So, where do we go from here?

We must continue to communicate within our forums, groups, etc, but we must also make stronger efforts to connect with each other in real life. Start a local meetup group, step out of your comfort zone, make real plans, have lunch with a facebook friend. Don’t be afraid to make real offline connections. There may come a time when the open communication lines – that we sometimes take for granted – could all be stripped away.
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