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The Mandela Effect: A Treatise

The  Mandela Effect: A Treatise

Perhaps the Mandela Effect is happening because an entirely new framework of expression is being birthed inside the rigid confines of a dissolving consensus reality. An inexact parallel could be found in the birth of science or even the stratification of faith. These systems of thought were rolled into neatly controlled compartments where the brightness of our ancestors being was subdivided to ensure none of their new collective power completely overthrew all existing systems. And yet the source from which we all draw this light is exactly the same thing that time and time again is categorized, monetized and eventually tamed by the forces of this world that sometimes presents itself as a person or perhaps just a threat from a long ago bonfire where we first drew blood. This then is what? Yet another attempt at an overthrow?

Is this our light trying to yet reshape reality again?  Are we ME’s content to be merely taken seriously?

If being taken seriously is the pinnacle of our ambition, will that be the death of this new power of second sight we all have been innately gifted? Think about the first group of people that discovered faith. How terrible and beautiful it must have been. Perhaps we were all there. Imagine the birth of rigorous thought. Taking something as powerful as our thoughts and collecting them so as to record the original ones, the ones that changed reality and record them, and passed them around so as to free the mind to explore new ideas. Leaving loved ones behind is at first painful until you realize we’ve been here before and they too will turn. They too will turn.

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